Day Trading

Day Trading is Finally Profitable

Day Trading is Finally Profitable

Day trading is the art of buying a selling stock over the course of the day at its low and high points, respectively, taking advantage of market volatility. Because of the nature of financial leverage and the rapid returns that are possible, day trading can be either extremely profitable or extremely unprofitable. Trading lore has it that the average day trader loses money in the markets. Some estimates put the proportion at 80% or even higher, when we think of the volatility of the markets it is not hard to believe that figure when the average day trader does not have a team of analysts providing researched trade ideas, does not have a team of IT and programming staff to support trading, and does not have access to the best trading software and news services.

There are many styles of day trading with specific qualities and risks.

  • Scalping is an intra-day technique that usually has the trader holding a position for a few minutes,
  • Shaving in a method which allows the trader to jump ahead by a tenth of a cent.
  • A full round trip is often completed in less than one second.

The major problem with day trading, as it’s currently known, is that the level of profit is extremely small. A day trader must make hundreds of trades per day, and must buy and sell at the right time in order to make any returns, and in many cases, the smallest error can be very costly. Thanks to OneTwoTrade, day trading is finally profitable.


The core principal behind day trading is simple: buy low, sell high. This strategy is easier said than done. How can one really know when the lowest point to buy is? And are you selling too soon? Did you wait too late? OneTwoTrade has eliminated the need for all those questions, and you no longer need to buy low and sell high. The only question you need to answer is; Do you think the price of an asset will increase or decrease by a predetermined expiry time?

OneTwoTrade is revolutionizing day trading by offering, high yields, quick profit turnover and fixed profit, well-known assets to trade, and low initial investment. Day trading Binary Options on OneTwoTrade is considered as one of the growing investments in the market and provides an opportunity to earn more income through day trading than ever before.

Your new day trading strategy is now simple

You place a trade by predicting whether or not you believe the price of an asset will go up or down. The old way of day trading brought in low returns – a trader would be lucky to make 10% in a month. Most day trading professionals make less than that figure, however, and only the very best traders can manage to make 100% profit on their portfolio over the course of a year.

Unlike traditional day trading, you can now profit on both the upswing and the downswing of an asset as your return is based on your prediction, rather than the assets performance. Binary Options on OneTwoTrade is fast becoming popular among the day trading community and gives the trader a chance to earn up to 80% profit of the original investment in as little as 15 minutes, the quickest form of return to the trader.

Best of all, your profit is fixed, so you make the same amount of profit if your asset moves in your predicted direction 1 point or more. Because the return is fixed between 60-80% depending on the asset, there is no need to leverage your trade like traditional day trading as profits are higher than traditional day trading, this also has the added advantage that you will never lose more than you invested so you know the level of risk before you enter the trade.

Experienced and professional traders can make profits of over 100% on their portfolio of assets in the course of 1 day, rather than 1 year. And, what’s more, because day trading has been simplified so radically, anyone with an interest in the markets can get in on the action and make tremendous profits from market volatility.

Traditional day trading also has the added drawback of the associated costs. Traders have to take this into account when trading so they make over and above what they need to cover these costs. Some day trading strategies require relatively sophisticated trading systems and software, which can cost in excess of $45,000. Many day traders also use multiple monitors or even multiple computers to execute their trades adding to their costs.
Day trading is only possible by going through a broker, who charges commission based on volume, so traders must make a larger volume of trades to take advantage of cheaper commissions. However, day trading on OneTwoTrade is completely free. With OneTwoTrade, there is no need for software download; everything is done online, there is no need for multiple monitors and we take no commission so any profit you make is 100% yours.

Don’t stick with old, obsolete day trading strategies and methodologies any longer when the chance to make higher returns more simply is just a click away. Visit OneTwoTrade and experience the profitability of day trading as it was intended.

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