Why You Need to Understand Stock Float

Why You Need to Understand Stock Float

The stock float is one of the metrics that have the power to greatly influence the price of the stock. So make sure you get familiar with it if you plan to become a trader. What Is a Stock Float? To put it simply, the float of a certain stock is the measure of theContinue reading →

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How to Use Income Statements to Make a Profit?

How to Use Income Statements to Make a Profit?

Income statements are very important to all investors. However, if you are new to this, you might not know why. So, read on to find out why income statements are useful tools when it comes to making decisions. The bottom line of every successful business is making a profit. So, if you are considering buyingContinue reading →

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The Basics of Technical Analysis: Does it Really Work?

While technical analysis is definitely a useful tool to have, can you really turn a profit through pure technical trading? And how does it work? Even after years of popularity, there are still a lot of myths about technical analysis that have people scratching their heads. Some people believe that simply drawing a couple ofContinue reading →

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A Beginner’s Guide to Low-Risk Stock Investing

Stock investing can sometimes seem quite mysterious, so much so that it often feels like a quest. You have to survive all the obstacles, and you have to use the right language. In addition to that, you also have to make sure that it stays available for valuable members only. Inexperienced investors can easily putContinue reading →

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A Guide to Fundamental Analysis

Learn How to Explain Your Investment Analytically. It doesn’t matter if you have a finance background or not. When you decide to use fundamental analysis, you can be your own stock portfolio analyst. Instead of just following your instincts, you can use this form of analysis to reach your goals and be successful. Technical vs.Continue reading →

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A Beginner’s Guide -Six Stock Market Investing Tips

Bernard Baruch, “The Lone Wolf of Wall Street,” earned a seat on the New York Stock Exchange before turning 30. Furthermore, he became one of the most well-known financiers in the country by 1910. Although a master of his profession, Baruch didn’t have any illusions about the difficulties of prosperous stock market investing. According toContinue reading →

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Day Trading 101: Use These Strategies to Make a Profit

Day traders are those that buy and sell an instrument during the same day. Some even do it many times over the duration of the day. That way, they can easily profit from the price movements that occur during the day. However, this type of trading is not without risks. While it can be aContinue reading →

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Day Trading Guide

There is a reason every brokerage desires to have as many active or day traders as possible. They usually have a lot of experience and don’t require a lot of assistance compared to newcomers, not to mention that they generate a lot of revenue for the brokers every day. Of course, the terms don’t haveContinue reading →

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Financial Statements and How to Read Them

Before you invest in a stock, you should definitely read financial statements. However, before you do that, you will have to learn how to read them correctly. The very first thing you should notice, of course, is the EPS – earnings per share. Of course, this is the facet of the financial report everybody anticipatesContinue reading →

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What Can You Add to Your Portfolio?

Investment Ideas & Where to Find Them There are many sources you can get investment ideas from. You could find an idea in the library, and even in the store that you visit every day. Furthermore, it doesn’t matter if you have enough experience or not. Many investors are searching for individual stocks they canContinue reading →

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