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Stock Market Games Free

Stock market games are a relatively new and exciting concept, and in my view provide a great way for you to learn how to trade, removing all the normal risks and allowing you to learn in a completely safe ( and risk free environment ) – all for free. To make it even better, you can even win daily weekly and monthly prizes, so there is really no excuse not to sign up. Please don’t  worry , it is completely FREE (like you, I don’t like paying for things either!) as I always advocate new traders keep their money for when they start their trading for real! The game offers you the chance to practice your trading strategies, using actual stocks and live prices, and with daily weekly and monthly prizes it really is great fun ( they even give away $100 every day at random, so you never know!)

As a new or novice trader, taking your first steps into the world of stock market trading can be a daunting experience, particularly in the current economic climate with stock prices falling one day, and rising the next. Many new traders and investors often enter the stock market with no experience and with very little understanding of what is involved, as there are few places that you can learn for free – well not any more! I am delighted to say that you can now trade in the real markets, with real news and real stocks, completely free, and have the opportunity to win cash prizes as the same time.  Having played myself for some months, I am constantly amazed at how real it all is, and if anyone were looking over my shoulder, it would be impossible for them to tell whether I were trading in the real markets or the virtual stock market game.


I shouldn’t really tell you this, but the site is so good that I actually use it for all my trading news and data, as it has a streaming news feed, live prices on markets including currency, stocks making major market moves, and a host of world news and information which is better than most paid for services I have ever used. I am not suggesting you do the same but….  With real ticker symbols, live prices, live data charts, streaming news feeds, and real stocks to trade, it really is all you need, so why pay when you have it all here for free in your stock market games trading window? You also get the chance to compete against other traders and in addition there is an active members forum so you can chat with other traders about the latest market news, whilst testing your market strategies for trading stocks.

In order to start all you will need is an email address, decide what your trading name is going to be, and then sign up here to your stock market game – it literally takes 1 minute. Traders are welcome from around the world, so it doesn’t matter where you live. At the moment there are two competitions running, one with a $50,000 dollar portfolio and the other with $100,000. There are new games starting all the time, so you can join in at any time, and in addition there are the daily competitions for the best return in a day. All good fun! All the stocks available for trading are those listed on the New York Stock Exchange, American Stock Exchange and NASDAQ and include stock, preferred stock, and even Exchange Traded Funds, so there is plenty of choice. In order to help you identify those stocks for you portfolio, the game offers a wide range of stock screening and analysis tools, both for technical and fundamental traders. Unusually, the game also allows traders to open both long and short positions, allowing you to make money when the market is going up or down.

It is a fantastic game, and the best part of all is that it is free and cost nothing to join. So good luck and good trading in your stock market game portfolio, and even if you don’t ever play, you get all the other benefits of live charts, steaming news and technical data FREE, so what have you got to lose – the answer is absolutely nothing!

Posted by Judy Romero